Saturday, April 25, 2015

From Wheaties to Froot Loops

Watching that interview of Bruce Jenner with Diane Sawyer that aired last night on 20/20, one can't help but feel sorry for the guy, but it's obvious he is dealing with serious mental problems.

There is NOTHING female about him, even with all of the hormone treatments. His once pleasant tenor voice has drastically changed thanks to smoking and perhaps the hormone treatments. His voice reminds me a bit of Hugh Hefner.

The mannerisms are still male, the talking and vocal inflections are still male. He just thinks he is a female because he has "feelings," while he admits he was born male and has all the male genitalia.

What he is is a man who doesn't fit into the box of proper masculine behavior all the time. That's common, and many men like this become gay. What IS wrong is trying to alter the body to fit the behavior or personality traits. What IS wrong is calling himself a woman when he is no such thing.

THAT has always been my biggest complaint about transgenderism. The whole thing is a lie.

Jenner talks like he might have the bottom surgery, but I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't. Especially at his age.

He sounds like he is the autogynephile type of transgender. Supposedly this is much less common rather than the homosexual type, but I think the reverse might actually be the case. Jenner is very clear he is not attracted to men, so that rules out he would be the homosexual type. He fits the profile of the autogynephile type instead.

The difference, if I remember right, is in the age of the so-called transition, so that may be why the homosexual is the more common of the two, although both are extremely rare occurrences in our society, the screams from the trans crowd notwithstanding.

Feel sorry for his personal demons and struggles, but transgenderism is not the cure for them.

More here.

A few were shocked he said he was a conservative Republican, but that is very old news. I knew about that long, long ago. It doesn't change my view of him one way or the other.

Ex-wife Linda Thompson wrote about life with Bruce here.

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