Friday, April 17, 2015

Heinous, Inc.

Fortunately pervert and inmate Cameron Hooker won't be getting out of prison any time in the near future.

He's the one who, with his wife, kidnapped a young female hitchhiker, Colleen Stan, in 1977, and had her imprisoned in a BOX for seven years, forced to be his slave.

Somehow she survived the ordeal.

I am finishing up the download of that book, True Story, by disgraced former New York Times reporter Michael Finkel, about the even more disgraceful and actually downright evil murderer Christian Longo, who back in 2001 killed his wife and three little kids by strangling them and then dumping them into the ocean on the Oregon coast.

That book, while engrossing, seemed to take forever to read. The author attempts to try and do a memoir while at the same time getting close to the killer and covering his trial. I don't think trying to do a memoir while at the same time trying to write true crime is completely successful because Finkel comes across as self-absorbed. I know what he is trying to accomplish when he is talking about lies and deceit, but his life isn't all that interesting to readers.

Meanwhile, Longo is a total sociopath, truly evil, who got way in over his head financially and committed one fraud after another until he finally decided to leave the midwest and kill his completely and totally innocent family in late 2001 thousands of miles away.

It's just goddamned heinous, as bad as it gets.

I am against the death penalty, but if that fucker ever gets executed, I am not going to be shedding a tear.

I also have my doubts I want to sit through the movie adaptation after reading this book.

Maybe when it comes out on Redbox I may take a look, but not before then.

The book gets four stars out of five from me because the Longo part of it is good.

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