Friday, April 10, 2015

Hell, No, We Shouldn't Privatize

You know, this bullshit of undermining Social Security because some morons who call themselves libertarians want Wall Street to loot the money so that retirees and the disabled can be (even more) destitute has just got to stop. I am fucking sick and tired of it.

The LIES that the Cato Institute, which admitted they told lies about Social Security for ideological reasons, that stretch back over thirty years ago by distorting the projections in the ridiculous claim that a federal program can go broke, still come up like returned bad pennies.

NO federal program can go broke because the federal government has the power to create currency.

But here we are again. You can thank that neoliberal shitbag who calls himself a Democrat for even entertaining the THOUGHT we should privatize it.

The more facts that are thrown into the neolibs' and wingnuts' faces that any privatization of social insurance DOESN'T work at all (look at the UK and Chile for examples), the more these idiots' beliefs become entrenched. It's nothing short of a goddamned cult, just like the animal rights shit.

I am so sick of it.

What the federal government needs to do is repeal WEP/GPO, which really screws the hell out of millions of people under some dumb belief that public employees make more money than those in the private sector, and they have these huge pensions if they and their agencies don't pay into Social Security. It ain't true, and no matter how tiny your public pension is, and mine is a mere $312 a month, I will STILL get shafted out of $100 a month on the Social Security I will have to take in about a year and half.

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