Friday, April 10, 2015

I Don't Know What's Happened Here This Morning

I had a hell of a time logging into this site this morning and kept getting some oddball error.

I remember when Blogger first came into existence, and there were so many bugs in it. After Google acquired it, they finally straightened it all out and improved it, so it's really rather shocking to get oddball errors.

Anyway, this weekend will be the annual Pear Blossom Festival here in the Rogue Valley. Although I am older than the hills and don't look like an Olympian, I plan on being in the 5K event during the Pear Blossom Run. I was in it last year and two years before that. It always depended on whether or not I had money for it.

This will be the first year I am able to get a t-shirt.

The event holders have the 5K (3.1 miles) and the 10-mile run. There's also the one-mile and two-mile Mayor's Cup, which is even less competitive.

The organizers have been holding the run since 1977, when marathon great Frank Shorter won the inaugural run.

I usually walk fast in the 5K, finishing in around 44-46 minutes. Last year I ran or jogged a bit of it because I felt like it.

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