Sunday, April 05, 2015

I Feel Sorry for Young People Today

The internet, while a good thing in many ways, has made many truly bad things more accessible to the young (and older people, of course). I am thinking here of pornography, which somehow the idiots at the ACLU, "social" libertarians, and stupid judges liken it to "free speech" when in fact it is nothing of the kind.

It's about the degradation of other people for financial gain. It is about human rights to dignity and respect. Most of all, pornography is NOT pro-sex but the most anti-sex invention that ever came down the pike.

People who are against it are not prudes or anti-sex. They are people who actually are capable of seeing the larger picture, and it is not about the dubious right of (mostly) men to get off from pictures and videos of people who may be too young or were forced to into this "industry" because of lack of opportunities to make a decent living. The working conditions of those exploited in porn are nothing short of horrendous. What is being depicted in those pictures and videos is not "fantasy" but the lived reality of others who are being exploited in order to survive. It's actually another form of prostitution, legal in most places, but still a form of prostitution, and just as big a human rights violation.

What porn has done, thanks to the shortsighted idiots of the ACLU and their like-minded judges that allow it to flouish, is that it has distorted the very important relationships between men and women (or between gays and lesbians). Young men today especially are being exposed to all kinds of absolutely disgusting, violent porn that did not exist 30 or 40 years ago and think that this is normal sexual relationships with women. Sex is supposed to be about love and intimacy, not about using others as sexual garbage pails or objects for masturbation. Young women are increasingly being forced to engage in acts that were once the province of serial killers and other perverts so that they can keep their boyfriends. Women are being victimized more than ever, yet many people ignorant of what porn really does to people persist in the increasingly dubious First Amendment "rights" argument of people to consume it, which only enables the industry to flourish and more degradation and exploitation to continue.

Porn is not normal sexual relations. Porn is not pro-sex. Porn is about the violation and exploitation of other people for money. Porn is not victimless. It destroys relationships between men and women.


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