Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It Shouldn't Have to Come to This

Common sense says that women need space away from men when they are the most vulnerable to assault and harassment. That's why separate locker rooms, restrooms, prisons, shelters, and other places exist.

Why is this so GODDAMNED HARD for people to understand? Why are women's rights ignored in order to pander to those who are mentally ill with identity disorders and are trying to gaslight the 99.99 percent of the rest of us that their mental illness is any way normal or that it should be protected over the rights of over half of the human race?

Jesus H. Christ. To reiterate the obvious: sex-segregated prisons, shelters, restrooms, locker rooms, and the like are there because of the simple reason that women and girls need protection away from males when they are most vulnerable to sexual assault and harassment. The existence of these facilities was necessary and remains necessary for women to participate in the world outside the home. It's like you have to spell this out to people, many of whom have been gaslighted into supporting a movement of mentally ill people and their sympathizers such as quack doctors and shrinks, not to mention consisting of more than a few perverts and pedophiles, that would destroy the rights of more than half of the human race. And for what reason? Because these delusional people have to have validation that their delusions are real, which they are not, or that the fetishists can literally get off on shocking and intimidating women and girls

What really irks me is that so-called liberals are siding up with these screwed-up people and garden variety perverts at the expense of the rights of women. It should not be that only the political right should be involved in trying to return a little bit of sanity back into this. This is what is what is going on in California right now with an initiative that would roll back the wrongheaded "rights" of "transgenders" (never defined) to invade women's spaces.

This insanity of pandering to screwed-up people and pushing unethical surgeries and hormone treatments which smack of 20th century eugenics have GOT to stop. And trust me, it will stop, but only after countless lives are destroyed and countless lawsuits against doctors and others clog up the courts.

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