Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It's Always Been About Class, Not Race

Race is important, but people everywhere in the country are reaching a breaking point, as I have written before, as their living standards have deteriorated as a result of deliberate federal policy.

Protests of rogue cops killing people are just protests against a much bigger sickness. Contrary to what (likely future president) Hillary Clinton says, these are not matters of race and justice.

Entire urban areas have been hollowed out to be pilfered by the elites. The fact that many of these cities have large populations of African Americans and other minorities only means that the elites pilfering those cities are just using those as test cases or guinea pigs before going after all major cities to destroy them for profit.

What most people still haven't figured out is the elites have been waging a thirty-year class war on the rest of us. I have been talking about this for years, ever since there was a movement afoot to export decent jobs to third world countries.

The neolibs running the government are still happily peddling dismantling public schools and pushing through more ruinous trade agreements like TPP.

They WANT massive poverty so they and their backers can have more.

I have said I give the U.S. about a decade before the shit really hits the fan. A country that hollows out its middle class and has a massive number of poor and a tiny number of rich cannot survive long.

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