Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Just As I Have Always Believed

for the past two or more years, and that is Jodi Arias's behavior is easily explained once you realize she got herself involved in a religious cult that prides outside appearances above all.

It always was about protecting Travis Alexander. Her lies to the police were about protecting him, since he was far short of being any kind of saint in this life and the afterlife. The entire prosecution was based on covering up the fact he was a liar, a cheat, a pervert, an abuser, a porn addict, a would-be if not actual pedophile, a failure in business, and so on down the line. The media narrative, begun with the despicable Maureen Maher and her 48 Hours producer, was absurd on its face and was peddled without criticism of the motives of TA's friends and family.

They always were a pack of liars who were willing to throw someone under the bus when they KNEW TA was everything I have stated above and likely more.

Jodi Arias's statement before the stupid judge sentenced her to LWOP, a sentence she had already made up in her mind after the death penalty was finally taken off the table:


Interview of defense attorney Jennifer Willmott by the Arizona Republic's Michael Kiefer:

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