Thursday, April 02, 2015

Miscellaneous Articles, Commentary for Thursday

Only the trans crowd could twist Angelina Jolie's preventative surgery and make it about them and their twisted ideas of what constitutes being female or a woman.

The world is going batshit crazy.

Along those lines, a newspaper tries to justify its coverage of "trans-kids," which is truly an appalling idea that involves human rights violations and could be argued as child abuse, even as these parents don't have a fucking clue that those human rights violations are indeed such or they are paranoid their kids will turn gay or lesbian as adults since they don't display sex stereotyped behaviors.

Remember, the whole idea of GRS began as a "cure" for homosexuality.

It just astounds me the Ts were ever allowed to be part of the LGBs.

No surprise here about one of the agendas of the noted Chicago crook Rahm Emanuel.


Why am I not surprised about this?

The political media’s allergy to policy is a clear culprit here. Jamie Kirchick’s blanket statement in his review of “Frank” that “readers’ eyes will glaze over” at the recounting of the financial crisis is a typical attitude. But millions of people suffered needlessly for Wall Street’s sins; they’d perhaps be interested in understanding why.

That’s the main reason why the significance of Obama’s decision cannot be overstated. The fact that we waited six years to get some semblance of a decent economic recovery traces back directly to the failure to alleviate the foreclosure crisis. Here was a moment, right near the beginning, when both public money and leverage could have been employed to stop foreclosures. Instead of demanding homeowner help when financial institutions relied on massive government support, the Administration passed, instead prioritizing nursing banks back to health and then asking them to give homeowners a break, which the banks predictably declined.

He was in bed with the Rubenites.


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