Wednesday, April 01, 2015

News, Etc. for Wednesday

The purpose of a college degree is not to get a job, apart from law, medicine, or education, where a degree is required to be able to get licensed in a state.

The purpose of a college degree is to make one a more well-rounded adult.

Some good news here for sane people, as a federal court dismissed a case of somebody who wanted to "crash" a bathroom facility that was not of that person's birth sex.

Of course sex-segregated restrooms, locker rooms, etc. don't violate Title IX. It's not discrimination when it is in society's interest that women and girls in particular are not subject to rape, sexual harassment, or perversions by the kinky crowd, especially in spaces where women and girls are vulnerable.

Safety, dignity, and privacy are paramount. In this case, it was a woman wanting to crash men's facilities, which is more unusual, but the issues are still the same regardless.

Newspapers need to dispense with the stupid pronoun business. Johnston is female and a "she":

While Johnston claims in the lawsuit that he is “medically” a male, he didn't provide any evidence of having undergone a sex-change operation and he didn't follow the university's procedure for having his gender officially changed in his college records, the judge said.

“It is this fact — that plaintiff was born a biological female, as alleged in the complaint — that is fatal to plaintiff's sex discrimination claim,” U.S. District Judge Kim Gibson said in his ruling. “Regardless of how gender and gender identity are defined, the law recognizes certain distinctions between male and female on the basis of birth sex.”


This should give the lie that the asshole mayor of Chicago is anything approaching a Democrat, or that there really are meaningful differences between the two parties.

I hope he gets his worthless ass beat.

There is a lot of competition out there for the worst governor in the country, but I think Andrew Cuomo may be the very worst because he pretends he is a Democrat when in fact he is a teacher-hating sociopath.

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