Saturday, April 11, 2015

She is Batshit Crazy

Mary Kay Letourneau is batshit crazy. After the despicable 20/20 interview she and the student she molested and then married ten years ago Vili Fualaau gave to Barbara Walters, there is absolutely no doubt about it.

It's really hard to sit through this pile of crap interview, especially if one has been a teacher or is currently one or works in education. MKL at one point (from an earlier interview, I believe) talked about how she realized Fualaau had a crush on her, but she was ETHICALLY OBLIGATED to have reported that to her superiors. In Oregon you can have your license sanctioned just for failing to do that. I am sure the same is true in Washington state (by the way, her license revocation is not on the Washington state ed board website--license sanctions go back only to 2000). But what does this stupid woman do? She reciprocates, and at that point destroys this poor kid's life.

I have tremendous compassion for Vili Fualaau. He was molested by somebody who clearly was not right in the head to begin with, and then on top of that was in a position of authority. His life was destroyed because of her. He has dealt with alcohol abuse, depression, and affairs because of what this woman did to him. She stole his childhood, and, on top of that, she went ahead and had two children with him when he was in NO POSITION WHATSOEVER TO BE ABLE TO SUPPORT THEM. His family had to raise those girls until MKL got out of prison in around 2004.

There are so many victims of this unstable, vile woman: Vili, his family of origin, their two daughters, her family of origin (the Schmitzes), her ex-husband, and the four children from her first marriage. I am sure I have left out others whose lives she damaged. But hey, she has a happy family life with the man she molested as a youth. For Vili, who has aged so much that he looks to be close to her 53 years--and MKL looks every bit that--he no doubt knows his wife is crazy and stays with her for that and for those two teenage daughters.

This interview is an all-time low for ABC and Barbara Walters.

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