Thursday, April 09, 2015

Some Reads for Thursday

A fake Democrat who has been absolutely devastating to schools in Chicago got himself re-elected; however the most significant thing about this election is the fact ol' Rahm was the first mayor in the history of the city to face a runoff.

He's just terrible, right down there with Andrew Cuomo and Cory Booker in the faker's Hall of Shame:

Teachers and other city workers must view this as a sharp warning that the unions are preparing to sabotage their struggles as they did in the one-week teachers strike in 2012, which the CTU called off abruptly, paving the way for Emanuel to push through the closure of 50 schools and the elimination of more than a thousand jobs.

Randi Weingarten is an outright fraud and, as a lawyer, has no business heading a TEACHERS union.

Slowly but surely the truth is coming out about the murdering (former) police officer and his crime down in South Carolina.

Holy freaking shit. This is true, and this isn't surprising given what happened in Germany at the time that the Japanese would do similar things during that horrific time.

Obituary: Noted writer Ivan Doig, 75, has died of multiple myeloma at his home:

He wrote 16 books, including the so-called McCaskill trilogy, three novels about a fictional Montana family covering the first 100 years of state history. His 1979 memoir, "This House of Sky," was a finalist for the National Book Award.

In 2007, Doig won the Wallace Stegner Award, which recognizes someone who has "made a sustained contribution to the cultural identity of the West." He was also the recipient of the Western Literature Association's lifetime Distinguished Achievement award.

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