Thursday, April 02, 2015

The REAL Criminals in the Atlanta Cheating Scandal

It wasn't the late superintendent Beverly Hall or the principals or the teachers who are really the crooks although they are the scapegoats in the case. The real criminals are the politicians and "reformers" who set public education up to failure by demanding unrealistic mandates for students or risk funding being cut off, closure, or turning the schools into bullshit charters.

People like Duncan and Obama should have been run out of town for their peddling this testing insanity, to say nothing of their predecessors, whose demands helped create the Atlanta cheating scandal back in the early 2000s.

Knowing education like I do, teachers could not speak up for fear of retaliation and dismissal. Contrary to popular belief, teachers have very few or no protections at all against administrators. It's either break the law and risk a career, or have no job and never teach again.

When the Atlanta cheating scandal first emerged in 2008, it was an indictment of the drive to tie school funding to students performance on standardized tests. Hall had been a poster child of the school “reform” movement, and Atlanta had been touted as a nationwide example of the efficacy of standardized testing and tying teachers’ pay to students’ test scores.

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