Thursday, April 16, 2015

Total Batshittery

What in the goddamned fucking hell is this shit?

"Gender" is NOT "sex." Gender refers only to the sex role behaviors and dress cultures try and cram down the throats of people. Just because somebody doesn't like the conventional dress and mannerisms of his or her own biological sex DOES NOT MAKE THAT PERSON THE OPPOSITE SEX.

What in the goddamned fucking hell is wrong with academia to have peddled something that is such bullshit because of fear of offending a tiny number of screwed up people? It's REALLY offensive. I know that transgenderism is actually a part of the equally bullshit transablism and transhumanism that degenerates have used to take over so many college and university programs, especially in what used to be called "women's studies."

This almost sounds like somebody is trying to insult other cultures with this shit. Third person usage:






This is NOT from The Onion.

Where in the hell is the public in this, especially the alumni and donors?

The university ought to lose its accreditation for this alone.

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