Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Washoe County School District Gossip

A whole slew of openings for internal transfers are from my old school of Sparks Middle School, including the person who took my job after I left there in 2007. She had that job for seven years.

I wonder if the reason for all of the turnover is because the new principal there isn't all that good.

Or it may be this school is turning into some kind of STEM "academy" or whatever bullshit the reformers are trying to do.

There were a bunch of openings last year, I suspect as fallout from the shooting back in October of 2013.

There might also be a bunch of retirements. There were a lot of longtime teachers who were there and perhaps wanted to get the hell out of there when they could since the district is such a shitstain.

There are also principal openings at Double Diamond, Donner Springs, and Vaughn Middle School.

As for SMS:

Two science teachers
One ELL teacher
One Spanish teacher (this might be a newly created position)
One math teacher
One Sped CLS (my old job)
One half-time sped (this might be new position)
One full-time position
One AVID position (new position)
STEM implementation specialist

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