Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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A bar owner gets caught with a two-way mirror on his property, and instead of taking it down or else risk closure, he defends it.

It tells me there are some real perverts in the world who think they have the right to spy on others in areas where customers rightly think they have a right to privacy.

But hey, it's a brave new world now where men who claim to "identify" as women can raid women's bathrooms, and they don't even have to have "bottom" surgery to do it. Why shouldn't this bar owner have some time for a little "r&r" on the job?

I hope people boycott that establishment and cause it to shut down.

The oral arguments on the same-sex marriage issue in front of the USSC are here.

The court could just turn the whole matter over to the states rather than open up a giant can of worms alienating a huge sector of the public.

The court sounds pretty hostile to me.

There is so much dishonesty on both sides that the real reason marriage exists gets buried. The lawyers wanting to put in SSM argue very poorly for it. It's all talking points from the LGBT organizations that I have heard a million times before.

It isn't discrimination like interracial marriage. Gays and lesbians can marry people of the opposite sex. Minorities and whites of many states couldn't marry each other until Loving v. Virginia. States can and do regulate who can get married (blood relatives, polygamy, etc.).

Marriage has nothing to do with love or bennies or religion.

Until very recently, it was opposite sex for the simple reason that children can result from heterosexual relationships. It gives a framework to raise those kids by both parents and to help society perpetuate itself. It had and has nothing to do with discrimination against gays. Marriage between gays and lesbians wasn't allowed because it wasn't seen as necessary since by definition children can't result from those sexual relationships. To have families, gays and lesbians must have heterosexual relationships with others, adopt, or use third parties to provide those children (for example surrogates).

SSM really does redefine marriage.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

It depends on your point of view.

Personally, it isn't a big deal with me.

It is for a lot of others, especially those of a religious bent who think churches will be forced to perform marriages. I don't see how there is any way to prevent it unless it is codified somehow.


Bernie Sanders is the real deal.

Pedro Martinez is the lone finalist for the San Antonio ISD superintendent job when the other finalist withdrew.

Of course the board there could decide on other finalists.

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