Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wednesday News and Other Stuff

Mr. Kennedy, the train has long left the station regarding vaccines and autism. The link not only has been discredited, it has been debunked, meaning proven to be false.

It's simply time to admit you were wrong. A lot of people were wrong.

It's an uphill battle for the 99 percent of the American people to have their way of life protected when virtually every institution, including many colleges and non-profits, are in bed with the billionaire/Wall Street classes.

Another day, another murdering cop.

Or, in this case I should say "alleged."

Or I should take the "alleged" out since it is clear from the video the cop was in no danger at all. He was arrested and furthermore fired from his job.

He will likely be doing some major prison time for this.

I know some of these cases are self-defense, but really. It seems like many police departments can't find stable enough people to do the work of law enforcement.

I thought departments did extensive background checks and psychological testing before anybody could be hired for a police job.


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