Friday, April 24, 2015

You Can't "Normalize" a Mental Illness, Mr. Tur

Yes, Bruce Jenner is a bad icon for the transgender "movement," but frankly the whole movement is a cruel joke being foisted upon the American people. Women are being belittled by men pretending to be women because they "feel" they are women. Never mind if they have sired six children like Bruce did--these delusional men still think they are women.

I had my brother DVR The Interview with Diane Sawyer tonight. I don't know if I will have the stomach to look at it tomorrow. I read where Jenner shows Diane Sawyer his "little black dress" which should fit nicely on his 6-foot-2 large frame. I mean this guy has NO shame at all--he's the classic narcissist.

All of the things people once fondly remembered him for, such as his Olympic victories and even his duds like Can't Stop the Music, have now all gone down the drain in favor of the Man Who Would Be a Woman, a total freakazoid.

He traded in his Wheaties for Froot Loops.

No, I will never accept transgenders as a legitimate protected class since by definition they violate the rights of half of the human race, and the vast majority of trans are males trying to impersonate females (though more pressure is being put on non-conforming young women to go through mutilation that is even worse than what the males go through). They have mental disorders that should not be treated through hormones and major surgery--it is absolutely wrong.

Being a woman or a female is not breast implants, HRT, genital mutilation, wearing dresses, wearing makeup, or wearing high heels. Those have NOTHING whatsoever to do with being a woman or a female.

That's why it is so offensive to me, this transgenderism. Women and girls are not stereotypes.

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