Saturday, May 09, 2015

It's All Going According to Plan

No surprise here.

These dismal results are exactly what the “reformers” want. By continuing to move the goalposts to where more and more age-inappropriate curriculum is being crammed down the throats of children, beginning in kindergarten, they guarantee more students will not graduate.

That’s the plan of the neoliberals in their demented fantasies of globalization. One of the aims is to limit higher education for the masses, higher education here referring to high school. Those who can’t cut it will be forced into sweatshops in order to “compete” with China or Vietnam.

I fully expect a push to reinstitute child labor in this country.

Along those lines, the worthless bastard of a president wants MORE money funneled into garbage charter schools despite the fact they aren't worth a shit.

I just get more and more enraged with the neoliberal attempt to completely divest itself from public institutions, given the fact the private sector can't do worth a shit with things like schools, especially given the fact they cherry pick all over the place students, and can't keep staff because they pay shit.

I get more enraged when I see former charter school students come to public schools, and they are further behind than those in public schools. I get more enraged when I look at the constant job openings--far greater even than the school districts (now that the supply of teacher candidates is starting to dry up--probably not enough for me to get anything in the near future)--in the local charter schools that have close to 100-percent annual turnover.

Disgust piled on top of disgust.

It's just another fucked-up wealth transfer scheme.

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