Friday, May 15, 2015

It's Health Care Rationing

Whatever "good" Obamacare is, the fact is people who are not rich are being screwed, just as it was intended to do.

People who don't have health insurance through their employers find they can't afford the monthly premiums.

People who can afford monthly premiums and aren't rich find they can't afford the high deductables.

People who are too poor to buy these lousy plans are forced into Medicaid, whose patients few doctors will take.

It's the same old shit as before Obamacare, only corporate America is getting more rich off of other people's misfortune.

Hardest hit were lower to middle-income adults. That's someone who earned from $16,200 to $29,199 last year, or a family of three earning from $27,400 to $49,499. Almost one out of three of these adults said they went without needed medical care because the out-of-pocket cost was too high.

"The key culprit as to why people have been unable to afford medical care despite having year-round coverage is high deductibles," said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA.

A deductible is the amount consumers owe for covered health-care services before their insurance plan begins to pay. The report defines high deductibles as $1,500 or more per person.

The only insurance worth a shit is the platinum type, which cost hundreds of dollars a month but are the only plans that rival large company/public employment plans.

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