Sunday, May 17, 2015

Maybe It's Nature's Way to "Cull the Herd"

It's another day, another idiot or two who die doing stupid things and forcing other people to clean the mess that was once their human bodies.

I find nothing impressive about these "extreme athletes" who do more and more reckless things in order to get some notoriety or some kind of rush or bragging rights or perhaps all three.

They are like that overrated idiot Steve Irwin who messed with animals once too many times and got what he deserved.

Potter, 43, was a pioneer in an intersection of extreme sports that includes rock climbing and skydiving.

Potter and Hunt, 29, crashed late on Saturday after leaping from a 7,500ft (2,300m) promontory called Taft Point, park ranger Scott Gediman said.

A friend called Yosemite search and rescue on Saturday night, when the pair failed to return from their jump. Their bodies were not recovered until Sunday morning, with the assistance of park rangers and a California highway patrol helicopter. Neither of the men appeared to have deployed their parachutes.

Base jumping in Yosemite is illegal and those who attempt it risk being arrested and fined.

More details are here.

At least Potter's dog wasn't involved.

The older I get, the less I tolerate bullshit and stupidity.

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