Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Miscellaneous

Of course it is a cult, just like veganism/animal "rights," libertarianism/neoliberalism, the organic food movement, weirdo environmentalism, and a host of other weird-assed shit that is polluting public discourse.

When you throw prostitution and pornography into the mix and justify them, what you really have is a libertarian-style movement that trashes women's rights and advocates for human rights abuses in the name of "freedom." WASP male "freedom," of course.

Of course economic inequality can be reduced or eliminated, but our politicians are bought and paid for by the elites that benefit from it.

Washington politicians are the enemy. Just take a look at the ruinous TPP that "Democrat" Barack Obama is peddling so that the U.S. standard of living can be at Vietnam's level while at the same time the cost of living remains at U.S. levels.

Seymour Hersh lost his credibility a long time ago.

He's about as reliable as Anthony Summers.

The New England Deflatriots get slaps on the wrist.

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