Thursday, May 07, 2015

More Full of Shit Than a Christmas Goose

These kind of books and articles designed to scare women out of the jobs men "deserve" to have because they are men and potential providers won't have any effect at all because the real problem--if there is indeed a problem--of declining marriage rates can be attributed mostly to a worsening economic climate for both sexes.

Young marriages ala the 1950s, when women were considered "unmarriageable" if they weren't hitched by age 23, aren't coming back to the United States. The economy will not allow it.

Ditto for other parts of the western world. It's all the same thing. Neoliberal economic polices have been catastrophic for individuals and for families.

It sounds as if the author of the recent Men on Strike book just took a look at a few social networking sites with anonymous posters, perused a few equally anonymous MRA/PUA websites, talked to a few guys in real life, and then extrapolated what she heard to apply to the world at large in order to validate her shaky thesis. Hey, twisting what those people have said is a way to get attention from the media and to line her pockets. It also saves on the heavy lifting required in academia to actually do a study on attitudes toward marriage.

It's kind of funny. If this author is to be believed, heterosexual men are "boycotting" marriage while at the same time gays and lesbians are trying to get full rights to marriage.

It's like a gilded cage in a way. Here are all of these people who want to get out of marriage or avoid it while another group is anxious about getting in.

It's all pretty bizarre.

The men supposedly "boycotting" marriage will for the most part eventually change their minds when the right women come along, especially those women who are working so that these men's lifestyles drastically improve thanks to the ability to pool resources.

Single women, especially never-married women, find that living that way is almost a guarantee they will never, ever be able to retire or have to work far longer than married people or even single men given the rampant sexism and ageism of our society. Being single for the vast majority of women is extremely difficult because of the lack of financial resources. It's almost a guarantee for destitution in old age.

It doesn't matter how well you have planned or what career path you take as a single woman. If you get tossed out on your ear in your fifties, lotsa luck ever finding similar work ever again. It's a long, long time before hitting 70, when "experts" say single women should begin taking Social Security. It would be laughable if it weren't so cruel.

The higher standard of living, which also helps in better health since there are more financial resources to get medical care, is the one big advantage to being married. Living with somebody day after day, year after year, decade after decade isn't necessarily better for the psyche, but the obvious perks can't be dismissed.

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