Saturday, May 09, 2015

Not "Wild" About It

Although I had trouble finding a copy of Wild, the 2014 film starring Reese Witherspoon about some woman trying to "find" herself while hiking much of the Pacific Coast Trail, I did manage to rent a copy today.

At least I didn't buy the goddamned thing. I wasted only a buck-and-a-half on an utterly pointless movie.

Nice scenery and all of that, but the near-pornographic sex (albeit very brief) about killed it for me. I don't care to see that shit in films, and it really isn't necessary to show that crap.

But more important, there were flashbacks on top of flashbacks that were interwoven into the hiking scenes. It all got totally confusing after awhile.

On top of that, the story took place in around 1995 (and based on a woman's real-life trek of trials on the trail), but the scenes filmed in Ashland, Oregon, were NOT realistic at all and looked like something out of the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Ashland has LONG been a haven for rich retirees and yes, some college students thanks to Southern Oregon University, but they didn't then dress like that depicted in the film and they don't now. There weren't a hell of a lot of vans with people in hippie garb around during that time. I thought, "Shit, if they don't care enough to be accurate about something like this, what the hell else is inaccurate?"

I give this thing just two stars out of five for the PCT. Period.

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