Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Etc.

Animal "rights" has nothing to do with animals but about forcing everybody to adopt a vegan lifestyle, something that is completely unnatural and unhealthy.

Patrice Wolfson, owner of Affirmed, the last Triple Crown winner, likes American Pharoah's chances.

So how did American Pharoah's name get misspelled?

So who submitted the winning name in the Zayat Stables contest? Marsha Baumgartner, of Barnett, Missouri.

And how did she spell it?

“I don’t remember how I spelled it; I don’t want to assign blame,” she said.
However, she added: “I looked up the spelling before I entered.”

Sounds like she was dyslexic.

The media are trying to get rid of Hillary Clinton as payback for them being unable to run her husband out of town because they didn't kiss the asses of Sally Quinn and the late David Broder, but the email hysteria and other b.s. will have no effect at all on her chances.

She is still going to be the 45th president of the United States.

Outside of Jeb Bush, who is a crook, the GOP has nothing out there who can get elected or have the connections to subvert an election.

Here is even more evidence Charles Murray is an insane, evil son of a bitch.

He should have been repudiated and completely kicked out of the public limelight after his bullshit Bell Curve crapfest.

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