Sunday, May 03, 2015

So Was It Rigged?

I am not referring to Jeb Bush and the election of 2000 or to teacher termination hearings but instead I am talking about last night's pay-per-view of the Floyd Mayweather, Jr.-Manny Pacquiao fight.

Mayweather won in a unanimous decision over the Philippine boxing legend and politician (!).

A LOT of people believe the fight was fixed. I can't say one way or the other because there was no way in hell I was going to pay 100 bucks to watch something I couldn't watch anyway because the satellite dish was on the fritz.

I almost didn't get to see the Kentucky Derby, something I have seen live virtually every year (exception 1974, when it was on broadcast delay locally) since 1961. However, I was lucky to watch the show on the live stream even though I couldn't have it on DVR to record on DVD eventually.

However, one of my future projects is to download all of the available programs that have been illegally posted on YouTube and save them to flash drive.

Back to the fight. I haven't watched any fights of note since my dad passed away in 1997 (exception the Tyson-Holyfield bit ear fight). I used to watch with him all of the major bouts that were available live and delayed broadcast in the case of those on HBO, etc. that got broadcast on the commercial networks. I probably did that over a period of twenty years.

Perhaps if this fight comes on YouTube or makes its way to the regular networks/cable channels, I will take a look at it and judge for myself.

The hype was certainly insane. From the link:

Tickets for the event sold out in minutes. Some were exchanging hands on the black market for as much as $350,000 before the fight. Even closed circuit relays of the match in Vegas were reportedly selling for as much as $3,500 a ticket, while viewers tuned in from every corner of the globe on pay-per-view channels.

In Pacquiao's homeland of the Philippines, millions tuned in to watch their hero, congressman and cultural icon take on the man known to refer to himself as "TBE" (The Best Ever.)

When I first heard about Floyd Mayweather, I thought to myself, "How could that be?" I thought he'd have to be way too old to compete in boxing matches, but of course this is the SON of the boxer I saw all those years ago go up against Sugar Ray Leonard and all of the rest.

Scary shit how fast time goes by.

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