Sunday, May 31, 2015

So Why Are Women "Obsessed" With Wearing Makeup, or "Obsessed" With Beauty?

In truth, they have no choice at all.

Women are constantly inundated with propaganda about "looking good" (that is, young, slim, pretty) in order to attract the attention of men. Women are conditioned from the time they are born to submerge all of their own interests in pursuit of the love of a man. Women are told their own bodies are repulsive without makeup, without the right clothes, without high heels (especially the crippling stilettos), without the right hairstyle, if they aren't the right body size. Men won't love them and marry them if women reject all of the beauty nonsense. Women are considered to have a short "shelf life" to attract men. They are done for if they haven't found husbands by the time they are 35 years of age, but the pressure to "look good" goes well into old age in the off chance they can still get a man's interest.

Women will lie to others and to themselves that they use makeup, etc. for "themselves" and how it helps their "confidence," but the truth is, they do it for men. Not for other women, but for men.

It's really a sick society when members of one sex, women, have to go through all kinds of physical torture in order to get the approval, love, and financial support of the other sex, men. Men, of course, are free to look as good or as bad as they want. Women aren't afforded that luxury.

It's just time for a little truth.

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