Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Reads

Obituary: Famed Princeton mathematician John Forbes Nash, 86, the subject of the movie A Beautiful Mind, which documented his struggle with paranoid schizophrenia, was killed in a car crash.

His wife of nearly 60 years, Alicia, 82 was also killed in the accident:

The Nashes were in a taxi traveling southbound in the left lane of the New Jersey Turnpike when the driver of the Ford Crown Victoria lost control as he tried to pass a Chrysler in the center lane, crashing into a guard rail, according to State Police Sgt. Gregory Williams.

The Nashes were ejected from the car, Williams said.

"It doesn't appear that they were wearing seatbets," he said.

He and his wife split in 1962, but they remarried in 2001. She had had him involuntarily committed before the divorce when the schizophrenia was taking over his life.

Technically they weren't married nearly 60 years, but they were a couple for nearly that long.

I fully expect the video of Dean Potter's fatal jump will make it to YouTube.

What a moron.

What the goddamned hell?

Not every piece of crap out there is "art."

Once again Germaine Greer tells the truth.

Another obituary: Comic and actress Anne Meara, best known for her act with longtime husband Jerry Stiller (they were EVERYWHERE during the 1960s, especially on The Ed Sullivan Show), has died.

Hard to believe she was 85 years old:

The couple made their name as "Stiller & Meara" in the 1960s with frequent performances on variety shows, including the "The Ed Sullivan Show." Desperate to come up with a bit at the last minute, they plumbed the depths of their background to create "uber Jewish guy" Hershey Horowitz and "uber Irish girl" Mary Elizabeth Doyle -- caricatures of themselves, they said in 2005.

The couple met at a New York casting call in 1953. Meara left crying, saying the agent chased her around the office, a scene described in Stiller's autobiography, "Married to Laughter: A Love Story Featuring Anne Meara."

"She looked sort of puritanical and smelled nice," Stiller said of the "angel-faced" aspiring actress. When he invited her out for coffee, he was caught off guard when she asked him to steal silverware in exchange for paying her share.

"I told myself, 'What am I getting myself into, hanging out with New York actresses? They're all crazy," he wrote.

They were married in 1954. Sixty some years is quite a run for a marriage, or a fate worse than death, depending on your point of view. I'd suspect they'd say they had a hell of a nice run.

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