Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This Trade Shit Should Have Been Stopped Thirty-Plus Years Ago

Better late than never, I suppose.

This supermajority crap requirement in the U.S. Senate does come in handy occasionally when something doesn't pass that is guaranteed to screw people over.

A vote to push through the bill failed as 45 senators voted against it, to 52 in favor. Obama needed 60 out of the 100 votes for it to pass.

Failure to secure so-called “fast track” negotiating authority from Congress leaves the president’s top legislative priority in tatters.

It may also prove the high-water mark in decades of steady trade liberalisation that has fuelled globalisation but is blamed for exacerbating economic inequality within many developed economies with the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. Internet activists had said the deal would curb freedom of speech, while other critics charged it would enshrine currency manipulation.

Of course the neolibs will try again. They don't give a shit about anything but profits.

Globalism is pure evil.

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