Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Etc.

So much for the vaunted "superiority" of private schools.

They pick who attends, and then they can gin up the curriculum in order to attract "high achieving" kids, and then advertise how superior they are over the shitty public schools because of their "rigorous" curriculum.

As for boarding schools, I feel boarding schools should not be allowed at all because of the liability.

George Pataki threw his hat into the GOP presidential pot and will likely get burned in the process.

A man like that actually has a chance up against likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton because he is sane compared to that bunch of losers and crooks who are in the race or are talking about being in the race.

Therefore, Pataki has no chance whatsoever being the GOP nominee.

Meanwhile, another loser joins the GOP sweepstakes.

One-time congressman Tom DeLay's one-time puppet, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, has been indicted.

Too bad the whole bunch can't be extradited.

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