Thursday, May 07, 2015

Washoe County School District Gossip

Since the Board decided on outside counsel for their meetings instead of district counsel given how disastrous that "advice" was over the Pedro Martinez debacle, WCSD chief counsel Randy Drake has been demoted to a position paying 40-percent less. His new job, a new job for the district, involves grants.

The second-in-command will be interim general counsel. I hope he is passed over for the permanent job, for he is a bigger slime than Drake.

A snippet from the report:

The School Board will vote on a settlement agreement Tuesday that would end Randy Drake's eight-year tenure as chief general counsel and move him out of the legal department.

In the settlement, Drake has agreed to relinquish his status as head attorney with $139,500 in base salary and be reassigned to a position of lower rank paying $83,515.


Drake's contract as lead attorney allows the board to terminate him if the district pays severance equal to at least one year's salary and benefits. That would amount to at least $150,000.

Drake, however, won't receive any payout for agreeing to resign as general counsel and cut short his corresponding contract by more than a year, Mayer said on Thursday.

"He's not receiving any financial settlement at all," said Mayer, calling it a settlement only in name. "It really isn't a resignation but reassignment."

Stay tuned for more nonsense from that shithole of a district.

Since things are very, very, very slowly improving for me, I was hoping not to write anything more about that place.

However, it's like a goddamned train wreck. You want to look away, but you can't.

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