Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Washoe County School District Gossip

The Board of Trustees and its law firm are mum about the details as to the deal negotiated with dumped lead general counsel Randy Drake to avoid a lawsuit.

"Gag orders" are standard operating procedure in these cases.

I don't really believe Drake, an experienced attorney no matter how inept he may be, will simply take a vastly lower-paid job and do it until he retires.

I am sure he's polishing up resumes and applying at various law firms.

Then again, maybe not.

These details were more or less explained at yesterday's Board meeting:

In response to the district’s original termination attempt, Drake offered to entirely leave the district for $180,000 and threatened legal action if he was terminated. Board members lacked interest in paying Drake for his resignation, according to Maupin’s invoices.


In the wake of these pricey settlements, the school board agreed Tuesday to a compromise: relinquish Drake’s status as head attorney with $145,500 in base salary and reassign him to assistant director of grants program compliance, earning $83,515.

“This is a very favorable compromise to the district and board, and I recommend it to you,” Maupin lawyer Michael Malloy told the school board on Tuesday.

The school board hasn’t only hired Malloy’s firm to negotiate Drake’s demotion. The board then hired the firm to replace Drake as its legal counsel — no longer looking to the school district’s staff lawyers.

Incidentally, Drake, who helped engineer the railroading of former superintendent Pedro Martinez out of WCSD, employed the same lawyer Martinez used.

Just from what I saw yesterday, this outside attorney for WCSD replacing Drake appears to be more than competent and ethical.

He might not last long as a result.


Well, it looks like a lot of the current APs at WCSD got principal jobs, for there are a slew of AP openings in the district (elementary schools first seven):

Double Diamond
Pine Middle
North Valleys High School
Spanish Springs HS

I wonder if old shitbag got a principal job at all or else some cushy do-nothing district job. Or perhaps her "association presidency" is actually a paid gig.

I am sure it won't be long and I will find out.

Above jobs, listed in the internal openings list, close on Friday.

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