Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Washoe County School District Gossip

In order to follow the Open Meeting Law or something, the Board of Trustees is asking for public input on selecting a permanent superintendent despite the fact the Board has already made up its collective mind.

They don't dare not appoint interim superintendent Traci Davis; she has already been slapped in the face twice by that Board.

I love this:

Community members will soon be asked which traits they want in a new superintendent to run Washoe County public schools, but they won't be questioned about the elephant in the room:

Should the Washoe County School Board open the superintendent position to applicants or simply hire someone they have in mind?

"There's a part of me interested in seeing the community's perspective" on a superintendent search, said board member Veronica Frenkel, who joined other board members Tuesday in unanimously approving a community survey that omits the overarching question.

The topic is controversial because a contingent of board members — namely Howard Rosenberg and Lisa Ruggerio — has led the charge in recent months to permanently appoint interim Superintendent Traci Davis without considering other applicants or advertising the position for hire.

Of course it's all a formality.

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