Thursday, May 28, 2015

Washoe County School District Gossip

Lots of nice platitudes here, but nothing will ever change with that school district.

The problem is a superintendent has very little power doing much of anything at all. It's the bureaucratic apparatus that is completely corrupt and dysfunctional and has been for many years. In all my years of working in different companies and agencies (at least 30 different employers), I never worked for any outfit that was as bad as WCSD. The worst departments are HR and the legal department, who flout the law to protect administrators. Sure, the former head of HR was demoted, not fired like he should have been, and the chief lawyer has also been demoted, but the rot is still there. Anybody who is not a member of the inner circle of nepotisms and administrators is vulnerable to being targeted and removed. That's because instead of being wise stewards of taxpayer money, they use the legal system as a first resort to taunt employees victimized by district administrators into suing and settling for a pittance or starving them into taking a severance package for a pittance by putting them on unpaid leave. It is almost impossible to get a lawyer to take a teacher or classified person's case down there. One without legal recourse is ruined financially for life. All some some entitled idiot can have a job with WCSD when that idiot should have been fired.

She is still there. I haven't as yet found out what her new gig is or whether she is going to sit on her ass as president of the principals association and ride it out until she retires.

In any case, it's all at my expense.

Meanwhile, while she is having the time of her life, I have to do everything in my power not to default on my student loans. I have used up all of my deferments and forebearances.

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