Friday, May 01, 2015

What a Total Load of Shit

A WCSD "teacher" presents the company line in favor the increasingly debunked and discredited "Common Core" by bragging about what a great job she does in the classroom by forcing inappropriate curriculum down the throats of kids.

She's obviously gunning for an administrative job or make-work central office "job" where she will never have to worry about being evaluated ever again like so many of them that I knew who worked at WCSD.

The piece is neck-deep in bullshit. The whole point of Common Core is to force national standards on states and school districts and eventually abolish public education altogether in favor of the failed online charter schools. Why bother with teachers at all if all kids in all schools in all parts of the country are doing the same thing at the same time? Just park the kids in front of computers all day and outsource content to Pearson while have minimum wage teacher aides just monitor the kids.

That's the ultimate goal of all of the reforms--to abolish teaching as a profession and outsource everything to billionaires and Wall Street crooks who will further enrich themselves.

It's another form of wealth transfer.

This teacher is denser than a London fog.

By the way, she teaches at Westergard Elementary School, which isn't anywhere near being a Title I, so that makes her opinion even more bullshit.

Its location is in a strictly a middle class or upper middle class area.

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