Thursday, May 07, 2015

Why Does This Happen?

Assuming, of course, it is true.

It just boggles the mind ANY teacher would EVER consider touching a kid unless absolutely necessary, let alone put a kid into a trash can.

Some of the comments following the article were from people outraged the teacher has paid leave (pending investigation), but that SOP to avoid civil suits if the charges prove false.


According to the warrant issued by Cobb Schools Police, an employee at Mt. Bethel Elementary witnessed special needs teacher Mary Katherine Pursley holding a second grade boy upside down by his legs above a trash can. The witness saw Pursley lower the boy into the trash can up to his shoulders.

Police say the incident happened during the after school program. The boy came inside upset about another student bothering him. He was screaming and would not calm now. According to the warrant, that's when Pursley talked with the victim about Oscar the Grouch and his "trashy behavior" and told him, "if he has trashy behavior like Oscar, he'd go in the trash can."

Unreal if true.

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