Sunday, June 07, 2015

A Man in Drag With Breast Implants and/or "Bottom" Surgery is NOT a Woman

It's long overdue to expose this transgenderism movement for the anti-woman hate group that it is.

Of course the author doesn't go as far as I do in calling the trans movement a hate group like the KKK or the men's rights groups have been labeled. It won't be long, though, when people finally realize the truth.

Yours truly has been railing against this thing for forty years. Most people agreed with me, but it was mostly self-styled liberals who took issue with what I had to say. I didn't have to read Janice Raymond (that was many, many years later) or Germaine Greer to know that transsexualism (later broadened to "transgenderism") was anti-feminist to its core. It also didn't make any sense to me.

In a world without sexism, transsexualism/transgenderism would not exist. There would be no need for rigid sex roles (now called "gender"--the term should be re-replaced with the term "sex roles"), and therefore people who didn't fit would just pursue whatever interests they liked. Hacking off body parts is NOT acceptable, and there would be no need to do it.

It was 100 years ago this year that the film “The Birth of a Nation” was released. It created a firestorm of controversy, not least in its depiction of blacks as the villains and of the KKK as the heroes. It also became infamous for using white actors (which was common back then and years prior to then) like Walter Long to portray black characters in blackface. Of course we have long known that this film was shockingly racist, and today it is only of interest in its importance in the development of film.

White actors playing black characters is not done anymore. We have progressed. But what in the world has possessed this country, including and especially Hollywood, to celebrate men who parade around in drag with breast implants, and calling them “women,” going to far as to glorify this mockery of half of the human race with reality TV shows and magazine covers? Are women that disrespected that men can get away with this?

Of course we know the answer. If women were respected and sexism didn’t exist, transgenderism would not exist.

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