Friday, June 05, 2015

Freak Shows on Parade

It takes a lot of courage to write an opinion piece like this that dares to tell the truth about the mentally disturbed or sexually twisted transgenders who would in fact annihilate women as a protected with their dubious "rights" to violate women's spaces.

In fact, I have read where in Washington state there is NO protected status for women at all. Instead, idiot politicians there replaced "sex" with "gender identity," which in truth there is no such thing.

Anyway, Jennifer Graham lets the bearded ladies and their enablers have it between the eyes:

Actually, it’s not fine for many Americans, who view gender dysphoria as a psychiatric disorder, not a laudable lifestyle choice. To them, the Annie Leibovitz depiction of a beguiling Caitlyn in a corset, legs coyly crossed, arms tucked behind her as if bound, is a Photoshopped finger in the face. Worse, they — unlike Mr. Jenner — are forbidden authenticity of response. Faced with the omnipresent image of a person who is female from the waist up, male from the belly button down, they are ridiculed as bigots if they suggest, in the quietest of voices, that such a person would have headlined the tragic freak shows in carnivals of old.

Doctors who examined Julia Pastrana, the sadly celebrated “bearded lady” who died in 1860, declared her “one of the most extraordinary beings of the present day” and “a distinct species.” One could say the same of today’s act, the lovely and talented Brucette. Mr. Jenner, however, is both architect and engineer of his design, Bruce 2.0, unlike the pitiable woman who died five days after delivering a hirsute baby boy who died at birth.

To Graham's credit, she, like yours truly, absolutely REFUSES to attach fake names and fake pronouns on these delusional people.

What was noted on the Gendertrender blog, a required reading site if you are interested in this issue, is that the Annie Leibovitz picture of Jenner, in full drag, of him sitting in a car, is very cleverly composed so that the car window hides Bruce's obvious man hands--OLD man hands at that.

Leibovitz or her photoshopped assistants also narrowed Bruce's waist so that his build makes him look like he is in his twenties, not some post-menopausal woman.

Believe me, women at Bruce's age do not have narrow waists unless they are very short and tiny framed to begin with. They do NOT have hourglass figures. Six-foot-three men, like Bruce Jenner, have skeletal structures that are way too large to have such a build.

It's all such a con.

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