Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Follies

As expected, the USSC decided to legalize same-sex marriages for all states, thus giving the GOP an ideal wedge issue for 2016.

Or not, since the millenials frankly don't much give a shit about the right-wing take on the issue, and we know now this generation outnumbers the baby boomers. The latter is smaller now because about 15 percent of them are now dead.

The GOP might actually be breathing a sigh of relief because they won't ever have to make good on any opposition to this issue, like abortion. It simply makes a good political issue to get the base riled up.

For the record, the vote was the usual split, 5 to 4, with Justice Kennedy joining the so-called liberal wing of the court.

Obituary: Marva Collins, whose innovative Chicago academy was grist for shows like 60 Minutes, has died. She was 78.

She founded Westside Preparatory School back in 1975.

Among her survivors is her mother, who must be close to 100.

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