Sunday, June 14, 2015

Of Course Rachel Dolezal Doesn't Understand the Black Experience

Of course she doesn't understand that being black is more than just how you look.

She obviously has some kind of mental disorder.

Have "Bruce Jenner" replace "Rachel Dolezal" and "black" replaced with "women" and you have the IDENTICAL ARGUMENT against transgenderism. Both transracialism and transgenderism mock and insult the groups others are trying to imitate. It's only the level to which women in our society are hated that we even have ANY acceptance at ALL of "transgenderism." Transgenderism is an expression of hate towards women, as transracialism is hate towards racial minorities. We are finally being treated to the utter INSANITY of postmodern "philosophy" that says reality is whatever you think it is, and you can call yourself whatever you think you are and everybody MUST humor your delusions. It is sick and degenerate.

That is the bottom line here.

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