Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Peter Singer Is Evil Incarnate

He never should have been allowed in the United States to begin with, much less wind up at Princeton University.

Singer is one of the two most evil people who have influenced policy of the past 40 years. The other one is Milton Friedman.

This is the author of the insane book, Animal Liberation, which was the founding document of the extremist or even terrorist animal "rights" movement. PETA and HSUS worship at the altar of this degenerate.

The ARs try to hide their true agenda behind the animal "welfare" cloak and often subvert the real animal welfare organizations in order to pursue a half-baked, pseudo-religious philosophy that is untenable.

After all, animals have no rights because they don't NEED them. The concept of "rights," which Singer rejects for all beings, is a human construct, designed to protect groups of people from being abused by other groups of people.

That's because people, unlike animals, can be assholes.

Like Peter Singer himself. Like PETA and HSUS.

Anyway, disability activists are once again pointing out what an evil son of a bitch this "professor" is:

Disability rights activists from Pennsylvania Not Dead Yet and New Jersey centers for independent living, as well as groups representing parents of people with disabilities, will be marching to Princeton University and holding a protest on June 10, 2015. Activists want Princeton to publicly denounce recent statements by Professor Peter Singer, promoting ending the lives of disabled infants through denial of health care, and for Princeton to take other steps to address what the activists describe as Singer’s “hate speech” toward disabled people.

“Since about 1980, Singer has promoted public policy that would legalize the killing of disabled infants in the first month of life,” said Stephen Drake, Not Dead Yet’s research analyst and expert on Singer. “More recently, he has expanded his position in the context of health care rationing.”

He's an evil bastard whose ideas never should have taken hold in this country.

He should be deported.

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