Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rafe Esquith Is a Victim of Teacher Abuse

He is being railroaded out of his longtime job at LAUSD because he is too outspoken, not to mention the simple facts he is "too old" and "too expensive." Time to get rid of him, even if administrators have to make up allegations or try and come up with allegations of something that supposedly happened 40 years ago.

I can relate to his situation because I, like thousands of other teachers, had our lives destroyed by idiot administrators.

Here is Esquith's claim against LAUSD. Every word of it rings true because I know how school districts operate. They completely disregard the law.

Prominent lawyer Mark Geragos is representing him.

In the complaint, the district is said to have rounded up students to try and get them to lie for them that Esquith really did anything worthy of being sacked. This thing happens all the time in school districts.

It is all about getting an unwanted teacher to quit in frustration. Or, as in this case, force a lawsuit to ultimately settle the case. If Esquith actually gets reinstated, he will forever have a target on his back. The publicity surrounding this has damaged his reputation almost beyond repair.

Esquith wound up in "teacher jail," presumably still receiving his salary. I was illegally fired by an idiot and went on unpaid leave and had all of my benefits stripped from me and my last check withheld.

Those actions against me were designed to get me to grovel to the district and get an itty-bitty severance package of 10k, which would have been an admission of guilt.

I didn't do anything wrong at all worthy of having my economic status permanently ruined. Asshole from HR wanted to replace me with a retire-rehire and had no facts to support what he was doing. No problem here. He simply rigged my hearing.

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