Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Reads and So Forth

Michael Bailey, who I have mentioned on a couple of other posts about transgenderism, has received a lot of grief, even persecution, over the years because he dared speak the truth about the issue. In light of the Bruce Jenner mess, he answered some questions here and here about the issues raised.

The truth is finally getting out there after years of suppression. Male and female, man and woman, are not social constructs but biological realities. Those who deviate from traditional sex roles--unfortunately called "gender"--are merely people with different interests and personality traits. They are nothing more, and nothing less, than that. They are NOT the other sex.

They are people whose despair or express even simple discomfort over their nonconformity who should NEVER be surgically altered or pumped with hormones. Psychological help is what is needed instead.

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