Monday, June 15, 2015

The Spin Begins

More delusions from the trans crowd fancying themselves as an oppressed class because these (mostly) men couldn't go around and parade their delusions in public.

I don't think many people are buying what the trans are selling.

Never mind that transgenderism is a lie put forward by delusional people to force the rest of us to humor their delusions. Never mind transgenderism is sexist at its core and expresses a complete hatred of women. Never mind parading around in drag is the same thing is parading around in blackface and mocks the groups these people supposedly identify with. Never mind forcing young children into this is a violation of human rights. Never mind that the surgeries and hormone treatments violate the Hippocratic Oath. The plain simple truth is you are either one sex or the other, with rare exceptions, and that being man or woman, male or female, is a reality and not a feeling. We out here are sick and tired of being gaslighted by a movement that is based on a degenerate philosophy called post-modernism that says reality does not exist, that it is something that is all in your head.

The big problem is censorship by the media, by blogs, by discussion groups, designed to stifle the very real, truthful criticisms of a "movement" that seeks to obliterate the rights of half of the human race because of sexual fetishes or mental delusions.

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