Wednesday, June 24, 2015

They Do It Because They Can

It doesn't matter if a teacher is a great teacher and won a bunch of awards; in fact, winning awards is almost a surefire kiss of death to a teaching career.

Teachers like this one get suspended or fired in the district's hope it will pay them to go away because school districts can do it. It all depends on the district and how they see the use of the legal system. Does a district operate on the belief that they are wise stewards of taxpayer money and use the legal system after all other options have been exhausted? Or are they, like most of them, bottomless pits of waste and use the legal system as a FIRST resort by telling administrators they can do whatever they want and force a teacher to sue or get a severance agreement knowing it's not their own private money?

We will see how far he gets in his complaint against L.A. Unified.

The decision to put him on leave — and keep him there for so long — has outraged supporters. But district officials have not backed down, saying that regardless of his celebrity, they won't send him back to school until their investigation is completed.

The standoff comes as the school district struggles to recover after a series of scandals involving teachers and administrators accused of sexual misconduct with students. L.A. Unified last year paid a record $139 million to the victims of a Miramonte Elementary School teacher who was allowed to stay in the classroom even after complaints about his behavior with students.

Some see the Esquith case as part of the district's effort to reform in the wake of the scandals. But whether it is an overcorrection remains a matter of much debate.

To me it sounds like it is all about money.

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