Saturday, June 13, 2015

Transrachel Politics: We Should All Be Thankful for Rachel Dolezal

It's obvious she has some kind of mental problem to go as far as she did with her ruse, and, unlike Bruce Jenner, she actually did something positive in her community.

We should, however, remain thankful to her because her controversy points out the utter moral degeneracy, the total lunacy, of postmodernist "philosophy" that basically says there is no such thing as objective reality, that twists what Descartes meant when he said, "I think, therefore I am," and therefore, whatever you say you are, the rest of us have to accept it at face value despite facts to the contrary. Of course, there IS such a thing as objective reality, because reality is by definition objective. It is fact; if it isn't, it is fiction or fantasy or opinion and not reality.

Because this case is so much like the ludicrous "transgender" movement, it brings to light how insane this outlook truly is.

It's not just insane, but dangerous because such ideas negate groups of people as protected classes when the dominant or more powerful class is allowed to appropriate or colonize that protected or oppressed class.

Interview where Dolezal walks out:

According to one of her brothers, Rachel has been basically parading around in blackface, much like Bruce Jenner was been parading around in drag.

It just keeps getting better,

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