Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Miscellaneous

I removed the BlogHer ads from the site per the notification it was not renewing my contract. I was right when I wrote that it was bought out by somebody, and their slant is clearly on "women's page" type of blogs, certainly not my type of blog which tends to go for more general topics rather than a niche. The company, SheKnowsMedia, took over ownership of BlogHer last November. I do not follow the conventional "wisdom" of what bloggers do by catering only to a niche but focus on topics more general and frankly more of an interest to me. If other people read it, fine. Obviously, my mission is different than this particular ad company's is. I am now running Google AdSense and may go back to putting Amazon.com ads on the site.

With regard to the "women's pages," for people who are younger, in the old days, newspapers used to have what they called "women's pages" that featured advice columns, recipes, diet tips, engagements, wedding, and anniversary notices, and similar things. Feminists were highly critical of these "ghettos" because women had interests different or broader than what was depicted in the women's pages. Newspapers gradually phased these sections out altogether or renamed them "lifestyles" or "styles" or some similar name so that they would not be seen as sex-typed.

Anyway, it appears the "new" BlogHer has a lot more narrow focus, as was shown in the ads that were displayed. Lots more food-related stuff, more makeup crap, that sort of thing.

It was a good run while I had it. I had BlogHer ads for about eight years.

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