Thursday, June 18, 2015

We Older Workers or Unemployed Workers Are Past Our Expiration Dates

This article is full of the same cliches and advice to "older" workers or older unemployed workers that we have been hearing forever.

Not a word about strengthening the age discrimination laws.

There was one commenter following this article who peddled the "self-employment" canard, and it about drove me up the goddamned wall when I read it.

I responded:

That is absolutely WORTHLESS advice. There is little DEMAND for goods and services, which is why the economy stinks. If there is no demand, you can't make money doing this on your own. Only married people or people with a trust fund can even attempt to go into self-employment. If women are the majority of small business owners, it's because there is a husband around to shore up the income. Single women cannot do this. Useless advice like this just makes me want to bang my head against the wall because of its stupidity.

Everybody else is walking dogs or mowing lawns. Good lord. What IS it with these people who seem to have no clue what the hell is going on out here?

I just hope in my situation that I get more hours next year and start toward earning an Oregon pension to at least offset the offset that I am going to get with Social Security thanks to having the giant 312 a month pension from Nevada PERS.

I am slowly trying to get the K-12 Oregon license.

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