Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bruce Jenner Channels Charles Pierce

meaning the late female impersonator known for his mocking of actress Bette Davis among others, and not the political columnist. Jenner went on national television last night accepting the utterly wrongheaded ESPY Arthur Ashe "courage" award for parading around in breast implants and mutilating facial surgery turning his once-handsome face into something akin to a burn victim. He showed off his Versace dress, making a mockery out of the late dress designer's reputation (granted his sister runs the empire now).

He got a standing ovation by people who should know better, but the Emperor of the old fairytale was also oohed and aahed despite being stark naked.

Not a word about the marriages he ruined and the kids he damaged because of his extreme sexual fetish, and certainly not a word of acknowledgement of the woman he killed, Kim Howe. He could have redeemed himself a little bit and declined the award saying others were more deserving, but no. He is too much of a narcissist to care about others.

If you care to sit through this farce:

This is the way I will remember Bruce Jenner, not the goddamned physical and psychological train wreck he is now:

He had it all. He was so good-looking, and he threw everything away for a goddamned sexual fetish.

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