Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Civilization Is About To Scrape Bottom Tonight

as ESPN decides to make a total mockery out of itself giving a "courage" award to an autogynephile who goes out in public and mocks women.

When you know there are far more deserving candidates than this man who recently killed a woman in an auto accident but still persists on acting like it never happened, even going forward with a reality television show highlighting his own lack of sense of reality, it is just disgusting.

"It's been both eye opening and difficult to see firsthand what so many members of the trans community have had to go through just to be themselves,'' she [sic and sick] wrote in a blog post on Monday. "I hope to help raise awareness of these hardships so that it becomes a less painful process going forward.

"That said, the future looks bright. I knew that my transition would get some response, but I certainly never expected all of this. It's honestly been incredibly positive."

What Jenner should do is turn the award down, but his narcissism won't allow it.

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Bob said...

I strongly agree with you that ESPN giving this courage award to Bruce is an outrage.